Джеймс за волосы развернул Брюса к себе и снова толкнул его вперед, заставляя того упасть лицом к то самое кресло, на котором Уэйн нашёл нижнее белье проститутки.
Сам же Гордон буквально впечатал собой парня в несчастный предмет интерьера.
Было мягко и горячо.


Брюс, казалось, протрезвел в ту же секунду, как ощутил себя вдавленным телом Джима в кресло. В какой-то книге из родительской библиотеки Уэйн прочел, что лучшее средство угомонить заигравшегося щенка — это прижать его за шкирку к полу. Похоже, именно этот прием Гордон и решил применить к Брюсу. Что ж, подействовало.

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Show me how to be whole again

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Bring me home in a blinding dream,
Through the secrets that I have seen
Wash the sorrow from off my skin
And show me how to be whole again

Show me how to be whole again
участники:Peter Parker, Harley Keener
время и место: Abandoned fabric, West Coast, Broncos, New York city, USA

Описание сюжета: How to find yourself again after losing someone that important? When you're just 12 y.o. a search of an answer to this question seems to be the hardest test of all possible... The test that is doomed to be failed by you.

Отредактировано Harley Keener (2017-07-23 02:38:29)



Peter never was the one to be in low spirits for a long period of time. No matter how deeply he was hurt, or how painful the disappointment was, he'd always get up again, stronger and brighter than ever. «There are so many wonderful people out there who've been through a trauma», he'd tell himself. «If they could do it  - I can, too».
In other words, Parker relied not only on himself, but also on some chosen role models outside his family. For the longest time, he admired Reed Richards - he was, in Peter's opinion, the perfect example of the self-made genius superhero, who rose to fame after gaining superpowers during his space trip. But then came Iron Man - and Dr. Richards immediately became the second best. While Mr. Fantastic is what the teen will most likely turn into - nerdy, socially awkward, speaking solely science stuff and struggling to live a normal life with all the supervillains and aliens attacking every minute, Mr. Stark was everything Peter wanted to be - brash, confident, successful, able to blend the line between himself and his superhero persona.
Now he knew better than to make assumptions right off the bat. While the genius billionaire was Iron Man - not the suit, but a hero himself - it came with a price of putting up a convincing disguise in order to hide all the things that were to be considered weaknesses should they ever surface. Peter connected with him on an emotional level as soon as he stopped idealizing his new mentor and saw past the suit, past the loud and devil-may-care-i-have-a-lot-of-money attitude. The webslinger was proud of that - and determined not only to make Mr. Stark proud of him in return, but also be there for him, and not just in order to save New York from whatever deadly threat that loomed over it again. Geez, seriously, it's as if the hordes of monstrosities, robots, aliens, etc. had America as the only country on the world globe. Somebody needs an update.
Pete got out of the bus and set off on his journey towards the abandoned electrical factory at the far end of the industry district, nodding his head slightly to the beat of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" which played in his earbuds. Since he was occasionally hanging out with Mr. Stark, the latter's taste in music rubbed off on him.
Aware of his surroundings, the teen made his way through building and factory sites, occasionally trespassing and jumping fences for the sake of time. He was running a bit late for his meeting with Harley Keener - a 13-year-old whom he already considered his brother and took the responsibility of looking after him. Rebellious, genius and coy, Harley matured earlier than he did, but did so because of a tragic accident, and not friendly reassurance. No wonder he sometimes struggled with this unwanted maturity and angered over people not taking him seriously. Pete tried to be there for him - as a friend, a mentor, a protector. Not guardian, mind you, that was Mr.Stark's field of trial and error, but as an older brother.
Harley seemed to secretly like his company, even though he wasn't fond of showing his emotions. Actually, he seemed to be sulking even more than usual, and Parker had no idea, how to cheer him up. Ever since Harley ran off and made a homebase in an abandoned factory he clamped up, and webhead could not get him to tell what was bothering him so much. He had a solid guess, though: the fire, that his mother and sister died in. Keener was trying to collect evidence, piece together the reasons behind it in order to find the culprit.
Peter sighed, casually jumping over 4-feet fence. He understood that this was one of the steps of accepting loss, and Harley was trying to keep himself busy so that he won't fall into despair, but he couldn't bear to see anyone, let alone someone he cared for,  in such condition. That's why, no matter how aggressive or dismissive of his visits his little science bro was, he kept coming back. To ramble about everything and nothing, fool around, tell him the news and do crazy things. To fill the choking silence and get a chance to make him smile.
- Harley! Are you there, man? - announced Peter his arrival while knocking on the improvised door of his friend's "apartment". He was smiling joyfully and completely honestly: despite some small drawbacks here and there, his day has been perfect. - I brought you some spare parts that you asked for, and the usual stuff. Also a med kit, you need it, and a blanket. May wanted to throw it away, it's a bit torn, and has a few coffee stains, but it's really warm and soft. You can put it under the sleeping bag, so that you would be more comfortable... Harles?
Wallcrawler ran out of breath and knocked again, this time harder. To his surprise, the metal slab creaked open, and Parker momentarily recalled all the worst-case scenarios from any and each film he's ever seen.
- Okay, okay, he's okay, he just didn't hear me, or he's busy, or not here... - Peter always thought out loud, even if now it was in form of a whisper. He entered cautiously, looking around and closing the door behind him. The Spider-Sense kept silent, but that meant nothing: it detected danger only for Spidey, not for his loved ones.
Creeping further, Parker noticed the state of disrepair and mess Harley's hidey hole has fallen into, and felt anxiety building up. What happened? Was the younger guy alright? The air was stiff and dry, and it reeked so strongly of alcohol, that Peter had to cover up his sensitive nose.
- What the hell... - mumbled he with the stuffed nose, making his way to Keener's bed and finally finding the boy, holding on to a bottle without a sticker. Parker stared at this scene for a few seconds before snatching the alcohol out of his science bro's hands.
- Harley, why? You're too young to drink! And how much did you have? You can die if you indulge too much of this stuff, don't you know that? and what even is that? - Spider-Man was the embodiment of concern, as he looked the younger boy down. He was understandably angry, since Harley was so recklessly breaking the underage drinking law and exposing himself to all following dangers, but first and foremost, he was worried about his well-being.


Вы здесь » FLAME » Архив игры » Show me how to be whole again

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