Джеймс за волосы развернул Брюса к себе и снова толкнул его вперед, заставляя того упасть лицом к то самое кресло, на котором Уэйн нашёл нижнее белье проститутки.
Сам же Гордон буквально впечатал собой парня в несчастный предмет интерьера.
Было мягко и горячо.


Брюс, казалось, протрезвел в ту же секунду, как ощутил себя вдавленным телом Джима в кресло. В какой-то книге из родительской библиотеки Уэйн прочел, что лучшее средство угомонить заигравшегося щенка — это прижать его за шкирку к полу. Похоже, именно этот прием Гордон и решил применить к Брюсу. Что ж, подействовало.

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I'm in it with you

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♫ Loreen – I'm In It With You

название эпизода
участники: Claire Temple, Matt Murdock
время и место: Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, NY

Если ты Сорвиголова и у тебя серьезные проблемы со здоровьем после схватки с толпой ниндзя, твоя возлюбленная умерла, а друзья до сих пор не отвечают на звонки, то в этом мире есть только один человек, к которому можно обратиться за помощью. Клэр вряд ли подписывалась на то чтобы латать своего бывшего после каждой битвы, но разве у нее есть выбор?

Отредактировано Matt Murdock (2017-07-26 14:17:40)



Long shift after long shift with all the broken bones and split skin, bruises and wounds, tears and blood, and then everything stops, falls completely silent while she’s sitting at her kitchen table eating microwave-heated food from the freezer. Until it starts again next shift. Claire liked her job which included an option of being able to help people, and it was almost the only life she knew before Matt. And she was glad for something special having jumped into her life giving it a fresh meaning to the moment it got too complicated. They were connected as if by a single strain which they consistently tried to cut off. Her turn was the last one. And then there was not much special afterwards. She came to visit her mom in Harlem a couple of times returning to the same routine of her job and microwaved-heated food. Today wasn’t something special either. She had a kid with his father in the ER with a broken arm and head trauma, and it wouldn’t be anything out of ordinary if she hadn’t notice a boot print on the child’s back. A bloody boot print, for G-d’s sake. She excused herself from the room notifying the hospital guard and social services. The scene was nasty since the child was scared and not willing to let go of his father. The man was swearing to kill her not really paying attention to the boy. That was a piece of everyday life, but today it hit her hard. She even bought some cheap scotch on the way home, and now the bottle was standing on her table next to her usual microwave-heated food. Could that day got any worse?
Suddenly someone was banging on her door as if he knew exactly that he would be let in. And there were not so many people in this whole world who could bang on her door like that. All right, let’s be honest, there were not so many people who could bang on her door at all. She didn’t have to guess twice opening the lock. The only question was how messy it was that time.
A familiar face that made her heart clenched for a second with some strange forgotten feeling. She told him once that she would always be there to patch him up.
“Come in,” her voice was hoarse after hours of keeping silence.
“You can strip right away if you can do it yourself,” she couldn’t resist a little pin. She missed it a bit. Or even not a bit. Something special knocked on her door again. Claire breathed out quietly.

Отредактировано Claire Temple (2017-07-28 15:38:48)



It was hard to admit that now Matt had lost everything he had in his life. His friends turned their back on him when he needed them the most. And now Electra, the only person who accepted his dark side, was dead. No, not just dead. She was killed while trying to save Matt's life, and that's why it hurt much more.

Stick once told that everyone ends up alone, and you must accept this inevitable loneliness to become someone... above the average. Getting ready for the final fight with The Hand was a purpose for which Stick chose Matt, Electra and other children and made them his apprentices, but they had to become warriors on their own, not team players or soldiers in some kind of anti-Hand army. Maybe that's why The Hand had some advantage over them: their ninjas fought together while so-called heroes were divided.

Now that even superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America had parted, no wonder that regular, street heroes still couldn't unite. When even a national hero becomes a wanted terrorist, you just can't trust anyone unconditionally. Moreover, Matt couldn't trust even himself. He still haven't decided yet if he was one of the good guys, or the bad ones.

He used to think that he found his salvation in faith, but he couldn't remember the last time he prayed and what or whom he prayed for. He couldn't pray for saving his soul anymore, it was stained by blood of his enemies. He couldn't pray for peace, he just couldn't imagine what peace should be like. He couldn't pray for those who were dead, 'cause if they were still alive they wouldn't encourage his choices and deeds. Matt couldn't speak to God anymore, he was a daredevil - the Daredevil- and this dark side of him was taking over his whole personality.

Matt left the building not feeling anything but emotional pain caused by Electra's death, but by the time he returned to his apartment he ran out of adrenaline and felt the pain of every broken bone and every bruise he got in that fight with ninjas.

He's got fast regeneration ability from his father. One of the best boxers in the past, Jack was later paid for getting beaten up by others. He used to come home with countless bruises and cuts, and Matt had to stitch his wounds. It didn't take long for him to mend, and Jack went back to the ring. And Matt always does. All he needed is just to make sure that there were no critical injuries.

Claire opened a door, and Matt sighed with relief. It took more than an hour to get to her place, but it felt like a lifetime. He leaned against a doorjamb not sure that he won't fall right after he crosses the threshold.
“I won't mind if you grab me and tear my clothes off,” Matt smiled joylessly. “But I can't promise to go further this time.”



Claire shooked her head as if waving away a tiny spark of longing he made her feel with his words. She liked Matt’s voice a lot. It was like a mild taste of morning coffee warming you on the inside, it was like a cat crawling to your knees carefully and warming you on the outside. It was soft but yet strong and irresistable. How could she ever say ‘no’ to him?
Claire pulled him inside gently leading him to the bed like an adult leading a child who can barely walk and seems unsteady. She was ready to give him a shoulder to lean on, but they reached the bed alright. Then she pulled his clothes over his head and couldn’t resist ruffling his hair afterwards. Small treats. His pale skin was bruised, and she got used to the traces of violet and yellow on this white canvas, even red was familiar. She snapped her gloves and palpated his chest and abdomen watching his face for ‘facies dolorosa’. If she’d asked him how he was feeling he would definetely say he was fine. Oh, this g-d-damned ‘fine’ of these strong and brave men, don’t believe it a second. Their ‘fine’ means just “I’m dying of pain but I’m too stubborn to admit it".
"What happened?"' she asked while carrying on her inspection.
Maybe he won’t tell her. Maybe he will. She is not a therapist and not a priest to get his share of feelings, but she could listen quite well and give her piece of advice. She inherited this simple life-experienced wisdom of her mother and her 'abuela' together with a need to care and nurse. She wasn't nice with most of her male patients, more stern, but with this one she was even gentle.
"Cracked ribs as always", she concluded. "Nasty bruises are again on the menu, a couple of deep cuts I’ll stitch and… Let’s take your pants off just to be sure?"
Claire pulled out her bag full with band-aids and sutures. She helped Matt to take the rest of his clothes off and found a cut on his hip, not too deep for stitching but definetely good for sanitizing.
"You will need to get rehydrated and get some rest as well so I hope you don’t have a date to catch in the next couple of hours."


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