Джеймс за волосы развернул Брюса к себе и снова толкнул его вперед, заставляя того упасть лицом к то самое кресло, на котором Уэйн нашёл нижнее белье проститутки.
Сам же Гордон буквально впечатал собой парня в несчастный предмет интерьера.
Было мягко и горячо.


Брюс, казалось, протрезвел в ту же секунду, как ощутил себя вдавленным телом Джима в кресло. В какой-то книге из родительской библиотеки Уэйн прочел, что лучшее средство угомонить заигравшегося щенка — это прижать его за шкирку к полу. Похоже, именно этот прием Гордон и решил применить к Брюсу. Что ж, подействовало.

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Don't watch me maybe?

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Twenty One Pilots - Run and Go

Don't watch me maybe?
участники: James Barnes, Peter Parker
время и место: NYC, Queens

You know, you can't sneak up on an extra-talkative genius teenager with enhanced senses. Even if you are a Hydra-controlled super soldier with a severe case of amnesia and totally awesome metal arm... er, stump. Deja vú, anyone?

Отредактировано Peter Parker (2017-08-01 23:49:58)



    Surveillance missions are always tedious. This is the second day the Winter Soldier is stalking this poor kid, and so far he didn’t exactly learn much. Peter Parker has an aunt, a good school attendance record and a geeky side which makes him collect electronical garbage and, well, use it somehow. Turn it into something new and working. This last bit is probably the reason Tony Stark is so fond of the kid. It also explains the internship with the Stark Industries.
    Can HYDRA use him somehow to get to Tony Stark?
    The Winter Soldier sips his Cola, a grey hoodie, dark sunglasses and a cap shielding him from the world of interested passers-by, and contemplates his next move, watching a school entrance from across the street. They don’t have much time left, and if today the surveillance also proves fruitless it would make sense to abandon the idea. It’s not like Tony Stark tiptoes into the kid’s apartment every day to have a dinner with his aunt. It’s not like Tony Stark is doing anything with the kid at all, so far. No visits, no calls, nothing.
    The bell rings, and students start flowing out the school doors. It takes the Winter Soldier awhile to spot the kid. How much time should he waste on this mission, he asks himself before dropping the empty Cola can into a trashbin and moving along the street. Are three days going to be enough to prove that Peter Parker is nothing but a kid? And not some sort of Stark’s treasure? If anyone, they should be surveilling Pepper Potts. Or Happy Hogan, at least. Even he spends more time with Stark than this kid.
    Sometimes the Winter Soldier has a feeling that HYDRA just doesn’t know what to do with him when there’s no one to kill and the cryogenic sleep is not an option for whatever reason.
    He moves with the street crowd, following Peter on his way home. He’s done this for dozens of times before, and usually it ended with a good shot or a stab, or something. This time he only needs to follow—and it annoyes him slightly. HYDRA could have used him in some other, much more efficient—and entertaining—way. Of course, his opinion doesn’t matter. The Winter Soldier blinks and suddenly stops, realizing that the kid is gone. He turns his head, stepping forward slowly, and scans the people around.
    Nothing. Gone. Zip.
    The Winter Soldier frowns a little and decides he will continue the surveillance near home. The kid’s gotta come back to sleep at some point, right? And from what the Winter Soldier has gathered so far, it’s not like he has a girlfriend to stay with or any other relatives. Just that friend of his. He keeps going through streets until he gets to the kid’s building. There he turns into the alleyway between the buildings where he noticed the staircase up yesterday and climbs it to settle in his usual surveillance spot on the roof across the building.
    Just like he did yesterday, the Winter Soldier counts windows to define which one is the kid’s and sits down on the roof, preparing himself for the tedious process of watching nothing of any interest to HYDRA happening in the room in the building across the street.

Отредактировано James Barnes (2017-08-23 21:13:11)



Alright, at least that went well. Peter exhaled, climbing down the wall in a small side alley he ran into the moment the stalker lost concentration. He honestly expected Mr. Hoodie-and-sunglasses to turn the corner any second, but his previously tense Spider-sense subsided, meaning that the source of danger went away.
Parker grabbed the phone, excited to such an extent that his fingers glued themselves to the screen. It's been more than two weeks since something - anything - happened, and he was getting slightly bored. The adrenaline he felt during the battle with the Vulture first on the flaming plane and then on the equally terrifying flaming ground made him crave something more than stopping petty robberies and burglaries. Pete was ashamed of himself for basically wishing that something worse than that would happen, and he was highly aware that this was just his undying wish to prove himself and test his powers. It was normal for any boy his age who had attracted the attention of their childhood hero, but still the wallcrawler suppressed it without mercy.
And after all those days of idling away he is suddenly being stalked!
"Ned, Ned, you were right," the teenager blurted into the speaker excitedly, "he does follow me!"
"Really? That's wicked, man! You're gonna punch him or what? Can I come over and watch?" his best friend and self-proclaimed navigator was just as excited and apparently ready to go.
Peter shook his head, "Not a good idea. That Bucky guy really knows how to fight. You might get hurt."
"You might get hurt too!"
"I have the healing factor, Ned! I'll recover. Moreover, I really need you to be on standby. I'll try talking to him first: perhaps he needs help and doesn't know, how to ask for it. If anything goes wrong, I'll send you a signal and you'll alert Happy right away."
"That's not a great plan, Pete," mumbled Leeds. Parker sighed.
"Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas," he ended the call, tapping one of his bugs and settling it in the pocket, allowing Ned to track him down at all times during this mission. The teenager called May, telling her he'll hang out with Ned in the labs for a bit, and exhaled. No going back now.
Peeking out the side valley and confirming that the stalker is gone, wall-crawler hurried home, taking a longer road, that didn't lead exactly to his apartment. He already knew, that Bucky - or the Winter Soldier - had a surveillance point on the roof opposite to his building. Amazing what Stark's technology and a bit of stealth can find out, right? Anyway, that roof is where Peter was heading right now - as himself, not Spider-Man. He figured that perhaps after losing him the man would go back there - it was logical. He didn't know his motives, though. Was Bucky stalking him because of his connection to Mr.Stark, not to the regional hero? Or the main reason for the "I Spy... a nerdy teenager" game was that the assassin thwarted his secret personality by recognizing his voice?
Whatever the reason, Peter was going to talk to the former opponent and find out everything he could. His clothes securely hid the Spider-Man costume, which provided additional protection - just in case somebody wants to allow guns to talk first. The gloves and mask were in his backpack. He was fully equipped, determined and a bit afraid, which was understandable. However, the teenager believed, that if the Winter Soldier wanted to kill him, he'd do that already.
Sneaking past the enemy line of sight by making his way to the staircase through the suburbs (not without the help of Spider-powers), Parker swiftly climbed all the way to the roof and came practically nose-to-nose with the stalker, who obviously heard him climbing. Not surprising really - he sat really close to end of the roof. Paranoia? Tried to be closer to the possible escape route? Possibly.
"Um... hi. Hello. Mr.Barnes, right?" Peter didn't really feel comfortable under the soldier's gaze. It felt as he was secretly judging him. And whenever Parker was nervous - he was rambling. "I'm sorry if I'm wrong, I just heard your name on the news. And sorry that I walked in like that. But you followed me, and I figured you need help, or a way to clear your name, since you and the Captain are wanted criminals, and not that I think you are a criminal, or that the Captain is, I just think you need help, I mean, you are living legends! And... and... Your metal arm is gone! What happened? You need a new one? Oh god. Is that vibranium? I can sell everything in my possession, including myself, and that still won't be enough money... perhaps a substitute? Or I can talk to Mr.Stark, we'll figure something out, and also you both can talk it out!"
Peter Parker as a persona may not be cracking wise like Spider-Man, but he sure was smart. Sometimes that didn't do him nor the people good.



    The Winter Soldier sits for a long, long while intently staring at the window. Nothing is happening. Where did that kid go? The Winter Soldier mentally comes back to the moment he lost Peter Parker in the crowd and thinks through his every action. It takes him some time but eventually he figures out two possible ways the kid could have escaped. The first one was unintentional and an actual mistake on the Winter Soldier part, but the Winter Soldier rarely made mistakes. Unless the kid escaped intentionally.
    The noise coming from the staircase on the other side of the roof distracts him. The Winter Soldier is there in a mere second, ready to lay a hit on whoever is here to disturb him at his vantage point and possibly compromise the surveillance. Frankly, if he wasn’t so surprised to come face to face with the kid, he would have hit. Instead the Winter Soldier freezes in place, lowering his arm, and looks at Peter Parker. The Peter Parker who is supposed to be doing his school homework and pillaging tech garbage stores all the while being completely oblivious to the fact that he is very much under surveillance.
    Well, that went to hell.
    Peter calls him “mister Barnes”, and that’s the only thing that prevents the Winter Soldier from a swift escape—he does have a couple of escape routes from here all thought out for the situations exactly like this. However, he expected it to be Tony Stark if anybody. Not the kid himself. How did he even?.. How is he even talking so fast? The Winter Soldier decides to play it cool. Okay. The kid obviously found out about him. So it would be unwise to let the situation go completely sideways. He has to pretend that he is this mister Barnes Peter mistakes him for. The Winter Soldier even knows some things about said mister Barnes.
    “Stop blabbering, kid,” he says calmly. “I’m pretty sure mister Stark would rather jump from the penthouse at the top of his tower without his costume than help me. I’m not exactly,” the Winter Soldier searches for the word, “his kind of charity. Unlike you.”
    The Winter Soldier talks slowly, and frankly kind of feels himself out of his depth. He doesn’t do things like this. Conversing with teenagers. He doesn’t really converse with anyone, not really. He usually either kills people or reports to them. However, his sure and calm demeanor is still firmly in place—if there is one thing he learnt being a person of his trade, it’s never letting anyone see he is nervous, however slightly. He quickly glances around checking if Peter is alone. By the looks of it, he is. No Tony Stark, no nobody. At this point the Winter Soldier can’t really decide what he expected.
    How do people do this? Is it his turn to ask questions now? This is difficult.
    “So what’s your deal?” the Winter Soldier asks. ”How did you understand I was watching you?” and to soften the question, he adds with a bit of amusement in his voice, “This is impressive, what you did.”
    He has to treat it as any other stealth operation. The only difference is, instead of having the landscape and the tech as his cover, he has words and all this “mister Barnes” persona mumbo jumbo. People at HYDRA told him it was his old alias. No wonder he hasn’t used it. “Mister Barnes.” He would smirk if he wasn’t so concentrated on keeping track of whatever Peter had to answer him.

Отредактировано James Barnes (2017-10-22 20:28:29)



Peter fell silent, experiencing severe case of deja vu while watching Bucky lower his fist and listen to him with the same shocked expression he wore back in the airport. Parker's even talking about his metal arm again! And it's still awesome, despite being a stump. A very, very expensive and awesome stump. Okay, he needs to stop fanboying as a totally excited nerd he is, both on the outside and on the inside. Or at least make it only the latter.
Peter takes a deep breath, awkwardly fidgeting with his fingers. His Spider-Sense is silent, meaning there is no immediate danger for him, however, there's an uneasy feeling in his gut that tells him that something is wrong. Peter can't quite put his finger on it, though, so he dismisses it for the time being. He didn't come for a fight, but if things get out of hand - he'll be totally able to take Mr. Hair Down here on.
«I'm not his charity per say», Parker mumbles, suddenly feeling undermined. «I'm just... nevermind.»
His own status is still unclear to the webhead, and the Winter Soldier accidentally struck a nerve with his attempt to start a dialogue. As bright and cheerful Peter is, he is also a not-so-happy owner of a low, guilt-ridden self-esteem, which constantly gnaws at him with various fears and doubts, both conscious and subconscious. The biggest fear by now is Mr. Stark losing interest in him, as if he were his project or an investment of sorts. Thinking about it, he is. Realisation doesn't help much, though.
«Also Mr. Stark's kinda been there, done that, albeit not out of his own will, and I highly doubt he enjoyed it, soooo... no, he won't do that,» the wallcrawler shrugs, recovering from his dark thoughts almost immediately. Not the right time, not the right place, not the right person.
A compliment, even such a simple one, causes Peter to smile sheepishly, the tips of his ears turning pink. He is not used to being praised - especially by people, who are much more competent than him. But then the teenager reminds himself not to drop his guard and clears his throat, trying to act cool and collected.
«Well... I just know. You can say I have good intuition. Also I know Queens better than you - I mean, you do come from Brooklyn. Pre-war Brooklyn. Uh, am I making this sound weird? I am making this sound weird. Sorry,» Parker uncomfortably shifts, grabbing the straps of his backpack. «I really don't mean to, man... um. Sorry again, Mr. Barnes. Or do you prefer Bucky? Anyway, why were you stalking me? Isn't it a bit dangerous for you now, since you're on every news imaginable, excluding only Oprah and Cheaters for obvious reasons? And where is the Captain?»
Parker learned quite a bit about Bucky since their first encounter. After the fight in Berlin he visited the museum dedicated to Captain America one more time, just to make sure that the disheveled man, notorious for being a terrorist and an assassin, really was that very same, original Howling Commando. The fact that he was Captain's friend was pretty obvious. The director of the museum had the information updated, but thankfully omitted the present situation, so Peter knew pretty much everything a regular person could know about James Barnes. However, he knew practically nothing about the Winter Soldier except some snippets here and there. For example, he recognized his fighting abilities and strength, and Mr. Stark curtly told him that Bucky was an expert in weaponry and stalking & sneaking. Pretty much lethal, but Peter tried to think with his own head now, while keeping that information in mind.



    The Winter Soldier clearly does something wrong, judging by the dark shade that falls on kid’s face, but then he also does something right, and the kid smiles sheepishly. Ah, the praise. Right. The Winter Soldier doesn’t do well with praising others, he is much more used to more brutal ways of training, especially when he thinks back to the HYDRA base at Siberia. The praise you get there is not being dead or heavily injured. Sometimes he did praise his “students” but very briefly and curtly.
    Good intuition then. That’s one hell of a good intuition, the Winter Soldier thinks to himself. But then again, there is still a possibility of him making a mistake back there. Without his metal arm he feels clumsy and defective. He compensates to the best of his ability, but it doesn’t always help. Apparently. Good intuition. He will remember that one. The kid takes his silent thinking the wrong way, but the Winter Soldier does nothing to prevent him from apologizing.
    It is weird, after all.
    “Either one is fine,” he says, quickly intermitting kid’s questions. Honestly, he doesn’t care much. Would mister Barnes though?
    Of course, Peter asks about Steve.
    The Winter Soldier steps back a bit, brushes the back of his neck with his palm and sighs. His mind buzzes as he tries to understand what would be the best choice of words. He behaves as a normal human being would to the best of his ability, but also—luckily for him—he doesn’t have to behave too normal. If Peter is mistaking him for Bucky Barnes, then his backstory would cover for any and all weirdness. Hopefully.
    “That is precisely the reason I was stalking you and not Stark himself,” the Winter Soldier says, looking away, towards the windows of the kid’s flat. “When you stalk a kid, it’s far less dangerous rather than when you stalk a billionaire superhero figure. Who also happens to wish you dead,” the Winter Soldier makes it sound decidedly guilty, although he doesn’t feel anything towards Tony Stark. As long as he is not the target, that is. He isn’t for now. “Cap... Steve is fine. Coulda been better, but you know. His last talk with Stark didn’t go well,” the Winter Soldier knows just enough to manipulate the facts through words. He doesn’t enjoy the process though and lets his uneasiness show. “So he was worried how Stark’s doing. But Steve—being Captain America and all—isn’t exactly fit for stalking and stealth, he never was. So I suggested I go and check up on Stark instead.”
    After a moment of silence, the Winter Soldier looks back at Peter.
    “But it’s way too difficult to get to him with one arm,” the corners of his mouth twitch into a quick wry smile which fades away almost instantly. “I was clumsy enough for a kid to notice me, which only proves there is no way for me to stalk Tony Stark and stay unseen. I thought I could, eh,” he sighs again. It looks like a good time for half-truths. “I could wire you up somehow, with tech and stuff, and use you to get to see him. Sorry, kiddo. Didn’t mean for you to know all of this and get into trouble for talking with me. I imagine Stark will get pissed if he learns. You told him already, didn’t you?” the Winter Soldier slowly shakes his head, almost apologetically. “Do I have to run now? Are you going to try and stop me?”


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