Джеймс за волосы развернул Брюса к себе и снова толкнул его вперед, заставляя того упасть лицом к то самое кресло, на котором Уэйн нашёл нижнее белье проститутки.
Сам же Гордон буквально впечатал собой парня в несчастный предмет интерьера.
Было мягко и горячо.


Брюс, казалось, протрезвел в ту же секунду, как ощутил себя вдавленным телом Джима в кресло. В какой-то книге из родительской библиотеки Уэйн прочел, что лучшее средство угомонить заигравшегося щенка — это прижать его за шкирку к полу. Похоже, именно этот прием Гордон и решил применить к Брюсу. Что ж, подействовало.

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I don't need no education

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[NIC]Bruce Wayne[/NIC][AVA]http://s019.radikal.ru/i623/1708/ea/6369dd7a0573.jpg[/AVA]

Hey, teacher, leave these kids alone!

I don't need no education
участники: young Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth
время и место: Wayne's manor, ordinary school day

Alfred decides that it is time for his young ward to meet the world in a form of his preschool classmates. Bruce totally disagrees.



[NIC]Bruce Wayne[/NIC][AVA]http://s019.radikal.ru/i623/1708/ea/6369dd7a0573.jpg[/AVA]It's dark around him although he can see the rays of sun falling on the floor. He smells bread and eggs from the kitchen, and he is already hungry. Bruce is breathing very quietly peeking into a hole between two wooden panels. He is sitting under his father’s desk in his study, and it isn’t his best and favorite place in hide-n-seek, but this time he didn’t even get his ten counts to hide. He loves the game, and Alfred often played with him when mom and dad were still here. They rarely play since they were gone. ‘To heaven’, some say, but Bruce doesn’t believe such silly things. People fly to heaven in jets and helis, not on their own and not like this.
The house has always been full of sounds. His dad told him that was because it was very old house, and everybody calls it "Wayne's manor". It is old indeed, and there are paintings on the walls in the corridor, and Bruce loves to talk to them. Great-great-great-ten times great-grandpa is his favorite since he has a horse, and Bruce loves horses. Little Willy is fine as well, but he is always sad and refuses to tell what is wrong. Great-grandpa looks very stern so Bruce usually walks past him quiet as a mouse especially when he gets a cookie from the kitchen while Alfred isn't looking.
Bruce is hearing the floor creaking under Alfred’s boots. Alfred is walking fast, and that means that he is not happy playing hide-n-seek right now when Bruce should go to school. Bruce managed to wake up early and sneak into the study knowing that today is the big day when he should leave the house and go to a place full of other children and teachers. He doesn’t want other children, and he doesn’t want any teachers either. He was totally fine with mom teaching him how to read and write and dad teaching him about science. And now Alfred could teach him! Oh, he knows so much, and he can do so many things! The sound of the steps is getting closer, and the door is pushed open. The boy backs up from the hole because watching the tall figure is pretty scary. Alfred won't be all, "Master Bruce, here you are! You should have gone to a better place to hide this time!" Actually Bruce thinks that Alfred will be mad. He forgets how to breath trying to get smaller under the table, and he shuts his eyes firmly. Oh, he should have gone to a better place to hide this time.



[NIC]Alfred Pennyworth[/NIC]
[STA]at your service[/STA]
Alfred, though not amused by the sudden game of hide-and-seek in the slightest, can understand young Master's feelings. After all, he'd also be unwilling to comply in this situation had he received the kind of upbringing Master Bruce did. However, the butler strongly believes that the kid in his care needs more social interaction with his peers. Perhaps making some friends will distract him from his horrible experience and help him move on. Moreover, despite Alfred's vast knowledge in various fields, he will not be able to teach the young orphan everything: after all, he is merely human. He is not nearly as wise and scarily all-knowing, as seen from a child's perspective.
«Too bad Master Bruce is a bit too young to put such reasons above his desires», Alfred mused silently to himself, meticulously going through all the places the boy favored as hiding places. If only time wasn't of essence, this would have been their regular pastime. «Master Bruce! Please, stop hiding, you will be late for your first class!» Pennyworth calls out loud, without much hope.
No response, of course. He looks around, then heads for the late Master Thomas' study, habitually feeling a sting of dull pain from disturbing the gaping wound that is all too fresh. The absence of the Wayne pair is almost palpable in this room and the corridor leading to it: Alfred tries to keep them the way the Masters liked it. It seems as if Master Thomas just left the room, leaving his papers neatly stacked on the desk, and Mistress Martha's laughter and kind voice just subsided, as she went to change for tonight's visit to the theater.
Pennyworth shakes his head to clear his thoughts and enters the study, heading first for the heavy curtains and the now somewhat spacious wardrobe, but then notices a small figure crouching under the old table, eyes firmly shut and visibly afraid. Alfred immediately feels a bit guilty: he didn't mean to scare the boy. In fact, he is not even angry - just understandably irritated at the inconvenience, but that has already faded. Master is not misbehaving - he is just a kid and he is opposing something he doesn't want and deems not necessary, it is nothing unusual. Throwing an angry fit and making him do something against his will is not right, so Alfred will try and try hard to reason with him.
«Master Bruce, please come downstairs. The breakfast is ready», the butler says softly, kneeling in front of him. «I understand that you do not want to go to school, but I assure you, it will do you good. Wouldn't it be good to speak and play with somebody else for a change, sir?»


Вы здесь » FLAME » Архив игры » I don't need no education

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