★ Весь октябрь — упрощенный прием персонажей из сериалов.
★ Упрощенный прием для игроков, которые готовы играть на иностранном языке.
★ Каждому начавшему игру на иностранном языке предоставляется возможность разместить персонажа из нужных в таблице сроком на две недели.


Хэй-хо! Заходите на огонек! Мы завели тему, в которой можно поделиться, как вам удается учить иностранные языки. Подробности в теме Comprende? или как выучить иностранный уже хоть как-нибудь

гостеваянужные персонажисписок ролей и фандомовправилашаблон анкетыхочу к вам


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Who is in charge?

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Who is in charge?
участники: Danny Rand, Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones
время и место: NY

Danny tries to be a big boss while Matt and Jessica got acquainted in rather "Jones" style circumstances. They all don't like people being mistreated, but who mistreats them this time. Is it "Rand"? Is it the Hand?



“Mr. Rand?”… click-click… shhhh… “Mr. Rand, can you hear shhhhh? Mr. Meachum is shhhhh, and we need shhhhh. Mr. Rand, we need you here.”

Each time he enters that building he remembers how he was dragged out of it not so long ago being unable to prove his birthright. Now he has that right, all 51% of it, but still deep inside he is afraid that they will kick him out again.
He left Colleen in China when he got that strange call from “Rand”. He left his search for the Hand to come and fix he doesn’t know what. He is right in the hall on the ground floor, and a girl at the reception desk is smiling to him. Apparently they won’t kick him out today. The elevator dings on the most important floor how he called it when he was a boy. Isn’t he still?
“Mr. Rand!” the voice of their assistant is full of relief. “I’m so glad you made it!”
No hugs for him although he is totally ok with hugs. The glass, the steel, and the leather are all in place as before. Too cool for him, in any sense.
“Danny”, he corrects her. “What’s wrong with Ward? Where is he?”
In Danny’s eyes Ward is a pillar of stability for this company, while in Ward’s eyes Danny is a mess which absolutely fits his current look.
“Nobody can get hold of Mr. Meachum, Mr. R… Danny. And we have very important meetings he was considered to attend and board meetings, and we need signatures...”
Danny holds his hand to stop her and flashes his reassuring smile. 51% of shares got him here, and they are the same 51% of shares that got him planes, hotels, cars, money and so on. So in return he could act as a CEO for a change. Could he?
He pulls the door to a big meeting room, and the assistant gives him big eyes.
“Board meeting!” she is whispering loudly. “You need a suit!”
And one quick change of clothes later he appears in the room full of very serious people and very serious decisions to make. He is watched by their curious eyes, and drops his gaze to his boots, his dirty travel boots which he immediately hides under the table.

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Вы здесь » FLAME » Архив игры » Who is in charge?

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